Monday, January 26, 2015

Going to church - Church Road in Hendry Co.

Elaine and I got set to go across a few counties - first stop was in Lee Co, looking for the Whip-poor-will....the only thing I got out of that goal was to learn how to spell show on the bird. Then as we headed to Hendry Co with a few species to see in mind, we saw our first Caracara of the day.
I think it's going to be a good day.

As we arrived at Church Road, we heard the Robins and saw them settle in a nearby tree.

Savannah Sparrows were greeting the new day.

So was the Eastern Phoebe.

Up till that point the weather seemed to be holding up....but now it was time to seek shelter.

A double rainbow....has the pot of gold been deposited in my car?? No, no such luck.

Soon the weather cleared up and things were looking much brighter....such as this tree....filled with

6 Western Kingbirds, 1 Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, 2 Red-bellied Woodpeckers and tons of sweet oranges.

The Crested Caracaras were everywhere - we counted 12.

Along that fence with the Crested Caracaras was a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher.

They make a fine pair, don't you think?

The air is changing - it made me feel as if I was in Kansas and watching the sky for the next development.

All's we go across Collier County and back into Lee County, a quick stop at Gator Hole.

Several Bluebirds greeted us.

And Downy Woodpeckers entertained us.

I don't know about you, but to me this looks lovely....I love the outdoors and all that it entails.

A mystery bird.

More trails....YES!

We reached the end of the trail and high tailed it home....until.....we spotted ducks on the side of the road....

There was so many of them....I pulled out the scope and we counted....350 Ring-necked Ducks and 8 Coots.

And that, my friend, makes for a ducky day!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Lighthouse and Indigo Trail

I had several things lined up on my agenda today and I carved some time in between to spend some time with my feathered friends. I hadn't been to the lighthouse in some time and I figured it was high time to visit.
Ahh, what is it about a sunrise and the promises of a new day! It just takes my breath away and brings spirit bumps all over.

This Great Black-backed Gull did not go undetected from my eyes.....

after all, he towers over everyone else.

Did I mention that it was very windy today? The birds, including this Snowy Egret, were doing overtime and working hard at staying grounded.

This young Brown Pelican was hanging around the pilings of the pier.

Bullies are everywhere!

All's well - just a bit ruffled.

A bit more light now to admire the Great Black-backed Gull.

I spent some time watching an Osprey with some nesting material in his talons and how he just hovered in the wind.

Off he went, his lady is waiting for this - so that the nest can be in ship-shape condition.

One last skyward look before I peel myself away. A lecture is taking place at Ding Darling and I need to get ready.

It is now early afternoon on the Indigo Trail - a Tricolored Heron was it by the boardwalk - he ate his fill.

I had the hopes of photographing a Green-winged Teal. I got good looks in between branches and leaves - this male is really gorgeous.

Have you ever noticed how Ducks are always smiling? Life is just ducky after all.

On my way out of the trail, I spent a bit of time with a Screech Owl.....

very special, if you ask me.