Friday, April 24, 2015

Black-necked Stilt love at the Bailey Tract

It seems that love is in the air every time I turn around and today was no exception. 
This morning I felt especially blessed to be witnessing a pair of Black-necked Stilt - as I stood still I was able to observe  through my camera lens the intricate details of a loving courtship and I'm happy to share it with you....come and take a peek....

This Black-necked Stilt was seen preening - perhaps in preparation for some special encounter of a love is after all breeding season for them. 
It wasn't long before the female displayed welcoming signs of acceptance....

she bowed down while keeping her body in a somewhat horizontal posture

The male on the other hand kept going in circles around her

These circling motions went on for a couple minutes - the female being still and patient

And then, he jumped on her back - ever so gently

and they copulated for what seemed to be 10 seconds at the most

They then stood side-by-side and seemed to share a tender moment

Head to head and cheek to cheek.

 And so it goes - soon the building of the nest and the laying of the eggs will take place and if all goes well we might get to observe the chicks....let's wish them well.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

A visit at Bunche Beach

The tides are running low and it's early in the morning - this makes for a perfect combination to visit Bunche Beach....come along...
 As to be expected - the Black Skimmers were present in great numbers.
The birds are hungry and foraging for food - such as this Little Blue Heron.

The Red Knot - look how beautiful they are in their breeding plumage! Soon they will leave and head north.

A Least Sandpiper - the smallest peep of them all.

A Dunlin in the background with its turning black belly.

Red Knots are so much easier to identify with their red belly.

More Dunlins

One of my favorites - the Short-billed Dowitcher - this one too is sporting its bright plumage before heading north.

A Snowy Egret - snow white with yellow slippers matching the yellow lore.
The Little Blue Heron.

A Semipalmated Plover - one of many that were foraging.

A Piping Plover - getting ready to do poop....
As Ed Combs said: "He looks very patriotic with its red/white/blue colors" and I have to agree.

The tide was coming in and slowly the birds started to leave. 

As I was heading out, I caught sight of a Willet with its fresh catch - Crab! Yum!

 And that, concludes my low tide visit, folks...until the next time. My E-Bird List for today.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Owl and the Woodpecker

The saga continues - a few days ago a Screech Owl made an appearance in my dead palm, just below the Red-bellied Woodpecker nest - needless to say the Woodpecker has been watching this new neighbor very closely.
A few days later and the hoot keeps showing up, he looks quite comfortable....

The Red-bellied Woodpecker is keeping a close vigil.

Up above - sitting on egg shells .... down below taking a snooze.

At some point it was time for some confrontation - face to face ....

with the partner's help it makes a bigger statement....the owl retreated....

The Red-bellied Woodpecker returned to the top floor

and made sure that the coast was clear....he then went inside to settle for the night.

A few minutes later the Screech Owl came back out feeling confident that the coast was clear....

quiet enough for a little snooze.

Well, that's owl folks.....stay tuned.