Monday, February 1, 2016

Celery Fields with the Caloosa Bird Club

It's a new day, a new month and a perfect time to meet up with the Caloosa Bird Club for a birding adventure - today's destination: Celery Fields....let's go!
We arrive early (the early bird gets the worm, you know - and the early birder gets the bird) and set out with bins and start looking. Right off the edge of those fence post - I found a Yellow-headed Blackbird mixed in with a dozen Brown-headed Cowbirds and as many Grackles. As soon as I got ready to take its photo, the whole flock took flight and disappeared down the street.

Across the way some Savannah Sparrows popped up.

Now, take this view in and see how inviting the area is.

Along the boardwalks we found several Soras - right out in the open for good looks. The Common Gallinule wished it had that much attention.

And that was the end of it.

A Swamp Sparrow probably wondered what was the fuss about.

In the meantime - "who's looking at who?" (A Red-shouldered Hawk on a camouflaged motion activated camera)

A Boat-tailed Grackle, my picture does not do it justice - it's plumage a rich and deep glossy blue.

A few Blue-winged Teal.

And a boat load of Northern Shovelers.

And up they went.

The Red-shouldered Hawk seemed to enjoy the show.

After a bit, we made our way into Myakka River State Park - this Tricolored Heron was one of the highlight.

The water levels were quite high following all the rain storms that we've had for the past two months - too deep for shorebirds.

Sweet sounds of birds raises our attention.

After doing our bird list and finishing up our lunches - we made a point of stopping along the bridge before leaving the park. A friend of mine (Hi Patch!) had mentioned that a white morph of the Great Blue Heron was hanging around - I was glad to be able to locate it.

It was a great day birding as always - way worth getting up in the wee hours of the morning. My E-Bird List for the Celery Fields, my E-Bird List for Palmer Blvd and my E-Bird List for Myakka River State Park.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ding Darling in the rain

A visit to Ding Darling seems to be in order - a great idea if I must say so myself especially since it's raining on and off  - come along and see what I had the opportunity to watch this morning.
The tide was outgoing and the drizzling seems to be welcomed by my feathered friends.

 White Pelicans among a Reddish Egret and a Roseate Spoonbill

As I was watching the sand bars - a dozen + brown birds were coming close to me....Red Knots in their winter plumage as well as Short-billed Dowitchers and a Dunlin (see below).

The Reddish Egret can be seen sporting his solar powered antenna - I wonder what kind of messages it sends when it is raining all day.

More White Pelicans, Yellowleg and Willets.

A single Least Sandpiper - the smallest of them all and it has yellow legs.

"Hey" Listen up! I've got a story to tell you!

"Hey, Is anybody listening?"

"Don't leave - I'm not done yet."

"Oh my goodness, maybe it's my breath!"

"That should do it."

"Where did everybody go?"

"Ummm, I think it's just me and you kid."

Down the road a bit - a Spotted Sandpiper

Much further down the road....

A Yellow-crowned Night Heron seen swallowing a mangrove crab.

I'll wave good bye for now and I urge you to come back very soon - see my spots, there are more to come. Stay dry!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Across the Cape on a bird chase

We took a long tour of Cape Coral today and went out in search of several species - it was a very good day - take a look.....
A Burrowing Owl

A Monk Parakeet


Red-shouldered Hawk - juvenile

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker - juvenile

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Cooper Hawk - juvenile

Great Horned Owl

A Bald Eagle family

Two Florida Scrub Jays

 They have been fed by a local lady and they have no fear of human and come to you if you put your hand out or will land on your head, warning - wear a hat or else you'll feel every single little toenail on your scalp.

Interesting pond with misc ducks,coots,ibis etc.

A very yellow Palm Warbler

Nanday Parakeet

Go birding folks, you just never know what you're going to come across - it makes for a great adventure and a fantastic day!